Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sea...It Speaks To Me

The sea...It Speaks To Me

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

The Sea

it speaks to me

of the One
who is invisible.

I feel afraid.
The fear of respect of its vastness,
its crushing power.

When I look at it I stop and reflect:

"You rule over the raging sea;
When its waves surge, you calm them."
This calms me.

Imagine caught in the midst of that--
boisterous noise:

"The end is near!" you feel is a fact.
As pounding surf against wooden frame
makes you call on a higher name.

Its strength and force flutter your soul
you hold on tight and ride it high
exhilarated, yet afraid you'll die

as this salty bath prepares your body
for a watery grave.

Like Jonah, tangled in seaweed and mire,
do you picture yourself,

if only you can avoid his sharp teeth--
those of the large shark.

Do you think yourself thin as he swallows you in?
In hopes that he just scratches your surface,
the very top layer of your delicate skin?

Did Jonah have that moment to ponder
like Peter did when he felt himself going under?

A thinking man leaves nothing to chance.
He makes his plans. Some even pray.

Peter didn't need to that day. He just had to cry out,
to say: "Lord, save me!"

to another commanding awesome waters, in the image of his Father.

He: "stirs up the sea with his power, and by his understanding he breaks the sea monster to pieces."

Reasons to lift your eyes upward, to perceive
and receive His presence as a blanket of comfort;
a protection within against fear of men.

For I read repeatedly of how this Son rebuked thrashing waters in imitation of our Creator, when beside him as a master worker, he saw Him "set a decree for the sea that it's waters should not pass beyond his order."

So, again, when I stare in amazement at the sea, appreciating the borders he instilled in them to safeguard mankind,

I feel afraid.

The fear of respect
for His powerful ways.

You see...

The Sea

it speaks to me

of the One
who is invisible.

Based on: Psalm 89:9; Jeremiah 31:35; Matt. 14:24-32; Proverbs 8:29