Sunday, September 20, 2015

if I were God (as if I could be)

Ever been called upon to give an answer to a question you may not have considered answering? Your response may vary upon how the day is going :-)

if i were God
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

through the lines of my bipolar expressed fury, my flashes of anger zapping mercilessly all self-exalting false stars obliterating all my light and holiness, my name camouflaged in their dark rituals glorifying then sacrificing my creation heavens beyond my actual existence...

then in my abrupt sadness I'd flood the universe with pockets of salty dew dripping onto you(s) for causing such misery
one upon each other, brothers, I created, but you torment through sordid actions and caustic words,

always words, only words vocalized into poisoned air shared yet rationed--oxygen for those insured as if life is for the favored,

as long as you can command a room with your boasts and you exist to fill space with the sounds of varied arrogance, of your wealth, your beauty, your bust, your booty, your tortured wounds self-inflicted, through booze or other substance abuse;

while silence slips from the real victims in earth premature--for they knew not compassion
so empathy would from them seep
so deep that a future sprouting love could only grow, maybe...

their thoughts their brains would really hold black not golden gems, maybe they'd wield a wicked whip
against the naked flesh of their oppressors
be thee teachers, bosses, parents, whoever manipulated their emotions, their flesh, their dreams into nightmares, their love into perverted lusts or hatred against themselves

maybe it's best their stress left them
in the peace of death

as the living race daily to nothingness, overstepping my regulations as if i were the one unworthy

yes...this words imperfectly penned amplify the whys
of me not being God for he is love and although he expresses righteous anger his mercy transcends our tainted minds, our constricted thoughts, our calloused hearts

i thank God for his patience, knowledge, his wisdom and for me ultimately, his justice, for honestly as a god I wouldn't know where to start
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