Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sea...It Speaks To Me

The sea...It Speaks To Me

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

The Sea

it speaks to me

of the One
who is invisible.

I feel afraid.
The fear of respect of its vastness,
its crushing power.

When I look at it I stop and reflect:

"You rule over the raging sea;
When its waves surge, you calm them."
This calms me.

Imagine caught in the midst of that--
boisterous noise:

"The end is near!" you feel is a fact.
As pounding surf against wooden frame
makes you call on a higher name.

Its strength and force flutter your soul
you hold on tight and ride it high
exhilarated, yet afraid you'll die

as this salty bath prepares your body
for a watery grave.

Like Jonah, tangled in seaweed and mire,
do you picture yourself,

if only you can avoid his sharp teeth--
those of the large shark.

Do you think yourself thin as he swallows you in?
In hopes that he just scratches your surface,
the very top layer of your delicate skin?

Did Jonah have that moment to ponder
like Peter did when he felt himself going under?

A thinking man leaves nothing to chance.
He makes his plans. Some even pray.

Peter didn't need to that day. He just had to cry out,
to say: "Lord, save me!"

to another commanding awesome waters, in the image of his Father.

He: "stirs up the sea with his power, and by his understanding he breaks the sea monster to pieces."

Reasons to lift your eyes upward, to perceive
and receive His presence as a blanket of comfort;
a protection within against fear of men.

For I read repeatedly of how this Son rebuked thrashing waters in imitation of our Creator, when beside him as a master worker, he saw Him "set a decree for the sea that it's waters should not pass beyond his order."

So, again, when I stare in amazement at the sea, appreciating the borders he instilled in them to safeguard mankind,

I feel afraid.

The fear of respect
for His powerful ways.

You see...

The Sea

it speaks to me

of the One
who is invisible.

Based on: Psalm 89:9; Jeremiah 31:35; Matt. 14:24-32; Proverbs 8:29

Creation Sings

  • Creation Sings
    of His Majesty



    being written,




    not to perceive

    or rather,
    almost me


    'No Time'
    to see--

    too sleepy;
    just drowsy.

    my eyes I bow

    Utmost despair
    of the hours

    gazing about

    my lens hopelessly





    in my simplicity....

    to the often sung words:
    "What did she say?....
    What did he do?"


    of our attention

    The Artist



    A Conductor of the

    A Savior
    from the Greatest


    close the eyes


    Which does
    the ears,

    in turn
    the years--

    So as I gaze upon the Mountains,
    the oceans,

    I now close my eyes
    bow my head
    open my Heart

    grovel in sorrow
    for the


    missed opportunity



    too deeply

    in my


    Time wasted is precious.

    To walk
    in the darkness?

    A cause of pain

    To our

    Of the Sun, Wind and Rain.
Based on Romans 1:20.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The #Royal #Wedding of All Centuries

of All

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)


It's arrived--
The Day!

No more mortal fear!

Cloudless skies, crystal clear baby blue
tranquil and perfect in its splendor;

although who'd complain
if rain had sprung

as storm or gentle tears
mercifully released

after its built-up accumulation
of agonizing and bitter years.

The dust of the epic battle has settled
and attendees now took great care

in donning their personality's finest.

Their garments attesting to
no longer

in spiritual darkness.

No need of demons
and blind guides
to beware!

The Earth resounds with excited rounds
of chatter--

Invited guests universally animated
speculative and in anticipation
of a specific matter:

Who composed
the Bride Class--
144,000 in counting?
And why?

Who attained/
succeeded and gained
His Highness's

Yes indeed!
Curiosity really is mounting.


The Groom's wedding attire:

"scented with myrrh
aloeswood and cassia;"

"From the grand ivory palace,
stringed instruments"
causing all heaven and earth
to rejoice!

The Bridegroom
more joyful
as voices proclaim
of the arrival of

His Bride;
Her taking on His name.

"Daughters of kings"
as "Ladies of honor"

part of "The royal consort"--
These holy angels.

Said of she:

"taking her stand
at your right hand,
adorned in gold of O'phir."

Also inside:
"the king's daughter."
The Bride.
"Absolutely magnificent;

Her clothing"
too "adorned with gold."

"She will be brought to the king
in richly woven" threads;

But for the marriage
of the Lamb?


it has been granted to her
to be clothed with bright, clean, fine linen--
for the fine linen stands for

the righteous acts
of" these "holy ones."

once vile, extremely--
her conduct


the fact
she'd chosen to repent
and cleansed her mind and her heart
she's able to reign and to judge,
even from above,

since compassionately

to the sins and pressures
of earth's subjects

their own imperfections
genetically passed down to them.

The rule of our Mighty Christ
and this thankful Bride

under His Almighty
Father's direction


for 1,000 Years
in Great Justice

and Eternal

The ceremony's about to begin!

Hurry up and come on in!

Based on: Psalm 45; Revelation 14:1-4; 19:6-8; 21:9; 22:17; Exodus 30:23-25; Genesis 17:1; Isaiah 9:6, 7; Romans 8:15-17; Ephesians 5:25-27; Col. 3:1-4; 2 Cor. 6: 9-11; 11:2; Luke 12:32; 22:28-30; John 1:29; 10:16; 14:2,3; Rev. 7:9, 15.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Blessing To Mankind

A Blessing To Humankind

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

The Millennium,
start counting after
marriage of the Lamb.
For He's a King now reigning,
though his enemies ruin the land.
But this tragedy is ending
and peace earthwide he'll restore.
We know this cause of prophecy
of the 'last days'
and prediction of global wars,
pestilence and anger,
widespread famine and enmity,
haughtiness and love of money, surely
you can't disagree with what you see:
this sign of one world ending. And another to begin.
Raise your heads all you of nations,
clap your hands you humble men
and women grateful. For salvation is at hand!

The Devil's facing jail time,
1,000 years to be exact.
And God's initial purpose
for the universe and man
will finally be in tact,
after His Last War impending
removes all who oppose his rule.
His Kingdom from heaven established
will man perfect. It would be fool-
ish to resist this beautiful arrangement
based on love. Although, a majority are stubborn,
supporting Satan. No wiser than Balaam's mule who
recognized an angel God appointed as a tool.

During this appointed time glorious
everyone will have a place. A land producing plenty.
And stresses totally released.
Minds will be cleansed of badness. Hearts will be refined too.
The work done there enjoyable,
as intelligence, each personal, is used
to work everyone together. As villages,
or townships whose
purpose is to glorify
their Creator and his Son
who both demonstrated Great love
and sacrifice for all who chose
obedience to Jehovah
the Almighty from above.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Suffering Then Comes Solace

Suffering Then Comes Solace

Precious light--Divine favor
Total gone. No more. Congealed.
Entire earth affected. 
Bodies mounted into hills.
Their flesh rotted while they stood.
Eyes in socket decayed too.
Tongues decomposed in fury.
Blind and mute in death their due.
The scourge devoured madly
Destroying all wicked kinds.
Violent hands against brothers
This last war left good behind.

Now living waters will quench the thirst for justice
pouring forth throughout a cleansed earth
where now restored mankind and all those resurrected
will live in peace together,
learning what skills they possessed since birth.
For time is of no essence
as beautiful they will continue to be.
No more sickness. No more madness. Advancement?
Yes. Still being made in technology. For our King and his dear Father, who lives for eternity
will make sure that humans are happy
since now liberated from Death. NOW free!

As A 'Tongue of Truth'

As A 'Tongue of Truth'
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

A 'spoken' or 'written' word

as A 'Tongue of Truth'

Free-verse or rhyme,
for neither is a curse

since both can capture the mind
like bass secured on a tight line


frees a bleeding heart to flow

like rivers into rapids
like streams gently, eventually,
or not

reaching vast oceans

embolden lips
to speak

as a tiny child in a boisterous crowd

Humble, though proud
to motivate into righteous masses

(or not, since your choice it is)

regardless of classes, races,
statuses or faces

The goal?

To enlighten those seeking 'pearls'
To score favor with the 'Just One'
opening doors

to Eternal Salvation

this in 'fact' as a 'cross of Dracula'--fiction
to many in delightful darkness,
which for a time is entirely allowed.

But when the festivities,
years past begun,
begin to end

before the curtain is closed
and the foot lights are dimmed

or before the gong is struck
or the opera's high note is stuck

let no mourning for them--

"Don't cry" nor clap your hands--

Don'the even try
it! as if to say "Good-bye!
Good riddance!"

For this too is 'not fashionable'
as a garment for the 'compassionate soul.'

So just keep your eyes focused
Straight ahead. Trust.
Look intently again toward the goal.

This Path brightly lit and paved

'Pure Gold.'

For this reason:


Please Note: this is Important---
I have updated this contest to allow for 24 poems, and extended it for a week, until September 21st.

Therefore, there are 12 spots available for each type.
Currently there are 10 rhyming poems and 8 free-verse poems.
That means there are 2 additional spots for rhyming poems,
and 4 spots for free-verse poems.

This will be the last time the number of entries will be increased. {I added a free-verse poem of my own, which of course is not for judging, and is not counted in this tally.}
Any rhyming poems submitted after the 12 spots are filled will be read and commented on but won't be eligible for a trophy, The same thing applies to the free-verse entries. I'm sorry but
in the interest in a fair representation for both rhyme and free-verse poetry
I need an equal number of both types to choose from, and I have to draw the line at some point.
Thanks so much for your co-operation, 

Which do you prefer, rhyme or free-verse?

Which do you prefer to read,

Which do you prefer to write?

State your case.


Please pay attention to the following rules and submit your poems accordingly!!!

Rhyming Poems must follow a specific rhyme scheme throughout.
Freeverse poems may contain some words that rhyme, but not a specific rhyme scheme. 

10 spots are available for each type of poem.

You must pick one form or the other.

First come, first serve...

When I receive 10 rhyming poems that portion of the contest will be filled.

When I receive 10 free-verse poems that portion will be filled.
Please note
You must state which type of poem you have chosen in your AN.

Also, please add the type of poem you have chosen in parentheses after the title.

I have never run a contest like this before, so please bear with me.

You may write a poem addressing the topic at hand,

or you may choose your own topic,

Dark is acceptable but no horror--
Sensual is acceptable but nothing overtly sexual in nature.
No pre-writes.

Any entry which ignores these rules will be D/Q.

I HATE to DQ poems, so please read and abide by the rules.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

if I were God (as if I could be)

Ever been called upon to give an answer to a question you may not have considered answering? Your response may vary upon how the day is going :-)

if i were God
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

through the lines of my bipolar expressed fury, my flashes of anger zapping mercilessly all self-exalting false stars obliterating all my light and holiness, my name camouflaged in their dark rituals glorifying then sacrificing my creation heavens beyond my actual existence...

then in my abrupt sadness I'd flood the universe with pockets of salty dew dripping onto you(s) for causing such misery
one upon each other, brothers, I created, but you torment through sordid actions and caustic words,

always words, only words vocalized into poisoned air shared yet rationed--oxygen for those insured as if life is for the favored,

as long as you can command a room with your boasts and you exist to fill space with the sounds of varied arrogance, of your wealth, your beauty, your bust, your booty, your tortured wounds self-inflicted, through booze or other substance abuse;

while silence slips from the real victims in earth premature--for they knew not compassion
so empathy would from them seep
so deep that a future sprouting love could only grow, maybe...

their thoughts their brains would really hold black not golden gems, maybe they'd wield a wicked whip
against the naked flesh of their oppressors
be thee teachers, bosses, parents, whoever manipulated their emotions, their flesh, their dreams into nightmares, their love into perverted lusts or hatred against themselves

maybe it's best their stress left them
in the peace of death

as the living race daily to nothingness, overstepping my regulations as if i were the one unworthy

yes...this words imperfectly penned amplify the whys
of me not being God for he is love and although he expresses righteous anger his mercy transcends our tainted minds, our constricted thoughts, our calloused hearts

i thank God for his patience, knowledge, his wisdom and for me ultimately, his justice, for honestly as a god I wouldn't know where to start
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Slow Down

Slow Down
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

Always in a Rush?

bake a cake
at a fast rate.

travel across country
or from state to state.

Can we not
a moment take

Slow down


Go ahead....

Breath deeply.
Smell the aroma?


Take another second



At this point
why not


"For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable." Romans 1:20.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Don't Hate

Don't Hate

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem bywith copyright)

Don't Hate
the reasons for you.

"My mother" "my father"
"my heritage" "my boo."

Don't like
Who you are

Just what can
You do?

Keep Hold
on your 'Good'

With your 'bad'
be Through.


not only
in looks

Acts and attitudes too.

Eph. 4:24; Col.3:9

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Who Will Silence Our Cries?

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

Daily "All creation keeps on groaning."
Jointly adorning
black veils of mourning.

Brotherly we cower
Seek shelter from showers

of suicides;
natural disasters
and violence


The world over
like creeping vine
strangling our children,
our parents
and thus weakening us
zapping our powers.

Are drugs and alcohol the answer
to dull the nausea of this cancer?

No...Awaken we must
And learn who to trust

To yank us from the fire of consuming anger--

A danger
threatening both
friends and strangers.

But who can numb our pain?
And who can diminish the shame--

Since each of us is somewhat accountable?

Who will extinguish the flame
and totally exonerate our blame

Take away the notion "unlovable?"

Who will silence our cries
Stop the tragic "good-byes"
of adversities stripping us dry?

Well...why not raise our hearts to the sky?

Ask Our Creator the big questions of "why."

His distance is not far
Since His children we are,
So He won't our answers deny.

He's sincerely a Father that cares.

Speak our minds; he'll answer our prayers.

And thus by reading his word
And his Principles observe

This "God of all comfort" teaches us not to fear.

His voice can speak loud and clear:

"This is the way. Walk in it" He'll say.
Then soon He'll wipe completely away

The reasons for all of our tears.

This is how we cope
during our turbulent years.