Monday, September 21, 2015

As A 'Tongue of Truth'

As A 'Tongue of Truth'
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

A 'spoken' or 'written' word

as A 'Tongue of Truth'

Free-verse or rhyme,
for neither is a curse

since both can capture the mind
like bass secured on a tight line


frees a bleeding heart to flow

like rivers into rapids
like streams gently, eventually,
or not

reaching vast oceans

embolden lips
to speak

as a tiny child in a boisterous crowd

Humble, though proud
to motivate into righteous masses

(or not, since your choice it is)

regardless of classes, races,
statuses or faces

The goal?

To enlighten those seeking 'pearls'
To score favor with the 'Just One'
opening doors

to Eternal Salvation

this in 'fact' as a 'cross of Dracula'--fiction
to many in delightful darkness,
which for a time is entirely allowed.

But when the festivities,
years past begun,
begin to end

before the curtain is closed
and the foot lights are dimmed

or before the gong is struck
or the opera's high note is stuck

let no mourning for them--

"Don't cry" nor clap your hands--

Don'the even try
it! as if to say "Good-bye!
Good riddance!"

For this too is 'not fashionable'
as a garment for the 'compassionate soul.'

So just keep your eyes focused
Straight ahead. Trust.
Look intently again toward the goal.

This Path brightly lit and paved

'Pure Gold.'

For this reason:


Please Note: this is Important---
I have updated this contest to allow for 24 poems, and extended it for a week, until September 21st.

Therefore, there are 12 spots available for each type.
Currently there are 10 rhyming poems and 8 free-verse poems.
That means there are 2 additional spots for rhyming poems,
and 4 spots for free-verse poems.

This will be the last time the number of entries will be increased. {I added a free-verse poem of my own, which of course is not for judging, and is not counted in this tally.}
Any rhyming poems submitted after the 12 spots are filled will be read and commented on but won't be eligible for a trophy, The same thing applies to the free-verse entries. I'm sorry but
in the interest in a fair representation for both rhyme and free-verse poetry
I need an equal number of both types to choose from, and I have to draw the line at some point.
Thanks so much for your co-operation, 

Which do you prefer, rhyme or free-verse?

Which do you prefer to read,

Which do you prefer to write?

State your case.


Please pay attention to the following rules and submit your poems accordingly!!!

Rhyming Poems must follow a specific rhyme scheme throughout.
Freeverse poems may contain some words that rhyme, but not a specific rhyme scheme. 

10 spots are available for each type of poem.

You must pick one form or the other.

First come, first serve...

When I receive 10 rhyming poems that portion of the contest will be filled.

When I receive 10 free-verse poems that portion will be filled.
Please note
You must state which type of poem you have chosen in your AN.

Also, please add the type of poem you have chosen in parentheses after the title.

I have never run a contest like this before, so please bear with me.

You may write a poem addressing the topic at hand,

or you may choose your own topic,

Dark is acceptable but no horror--
Sensual is acceptable but nothing overtly sexual in nature.
No pre-writes.

Any entry which ignores these rules will be D/Q.

I HATE to DQ poems, so please read and abide by the rules.