Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Blessing To Mankind

A Blessing To Humankind

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

The Millennium,
start counting after
marriage of the Lamb.
For He's a King now reigning,
though his enemies ruin the land.
But this tragedy is ending
and peace earthwide he'll restore.
We know this cause of prophecy
of the 'last days'
and prediction of global wars,
pestilence and anger,
widespread famine and enmity,
haughtiness and love of money, surely
you can't disagree with what you see:
this sign of one world ending. And another to begin.
Raise your heads all you of nations,
clap your hands you humble men
and women grateful. For salvation is at hand!

The Devil's facing jail time,
1,000 years to be exact.
And God's initial purpose
for the universe and man
will finally be in tact,
after His Last War impending
removes all who oppose his rule.
His Kingdom from heaven established
will man perfect. It would be fool-
ish to resist this beautiful arrangement
based on love. Although, a majority are stubborn,
supporting Satan. No wiser than Balaam's mule who
recognized an angel God appointed as a tool.

During this appointed time glorious
everyone will have a place. A land producing plenty.
And stresses totally released.
Minds will be cleansed of badness. Hearts will be refined too.
The work done there enjoyable,
as intelligence, each personal, is used
to work everyone together. As villages,
or townships whose
purpose is to glorify
their Creator and his Son
who both demonstrated Great love
and sacrifice for all who chose
obedience to Jehovah
the Almighty from above.