Thursday, January 21, 2016

Victory is Ours! Victorio...Us!

Victory is Ours! Victorio...Us!

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

"Miserable man that I am!

Who will rescue me
from the body undergoing
this death?"


are we
our sins do see,
as they march or roll us
tragically forward

to sure Death?

This is mankind's reward

as daily we fight
our iniquities?

How to gain the victory?

What victory as crushed we lay
exhausted, discouraged
as terrors delay our hope of eternal;

our fears our nerves fray?

Others before us
have shown brightly

The Way

to defeat our invisible enemies
and faithfully convey:

Victory too can be ours
if we study the map,
but before
which we supplicate;


for force active
(the spirit)
to guide and direct us.

Help us to fight.

do slay.

Or bury so deeply
it cannot with us
pathetically play

causing inactivity
in our service

today and tomorrow...

till inactive
we permanently stay;

non-existent--a future future
for Satan and his friends.

So look to faithful others
who ran similar races;
overcame their sad plights.

Who conquered their demons:
drugs, alcohol, satanic fights

that chained them to darkness.
Once Draculas to the Dawn of Light.

Though, they now



in God's memory they lovingly exist.
The exact details of each and every one
on His invisible discs

until the time to bring them back.

This is His will.

This will be our Victory
over Death.

Our Eternal

for integrity; do persist.

against apathy; on Truth insist.


After wickedness' demise.
After terrorism is rooted out
and violence unwillingly desists.

Our Earth
a renewed Paradise.

Our New Heavens
with A New King--
God's Son


Over Us.

Let's end this with a:

"Kiss the Son!"

The Perfect Model.

His Victory already


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PLEASE READ!!!!!! Bottom line is I want you to watch a video and write a poem, or a story. Now the videos you will watch will be inspirational types of videos, hopefully you find them entertaining. Now the types of videos I want you to watch are toonami music videos. The messages in these have helped me threw out my life, and even cheered me up. so here are a few examples of them. Now you do not have to use these specific videos, But you will have to use a toonami music video. Once you pick the video you want leave the link in the authors notes, So I can see which one you chose. Good Luck and be creative Toonami - Broken Promise<br>
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Also based upon Romans 7:24<br>

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