Saturday, January 23, 2016

Servicing Your Majesty

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

How do I begin or attempt to help them comprehend, Jah, about the value of Your Being and the Magnificence of Your Holy Name?

You see, they carry a misconception, sometimes, through no fault of their own, that this world cloaked in wicked darkness to you the Creator responsibility solely belongs.

They forget or never knew
you created many spirit sons
gifted "free-will" like their earthly brothers,
to choose to worship You wholly alone.

Their eyes tear from the damage that breathing tainted air does bring. Their offspring also choking, yet doomed to seek a future bleak and veiled in constant mourning; growing immuned to mankind's suffering.

Touch is also a problem as "real love" is difficult to show; since amorous feelings that butterfly briefly, leave them dejected and so forlorn. Because "free lovers" can split like a car thief or as a whirling tornado blows.

This world so sad and weary, under your ungrateful son's control, demonstrates why I deem it an Honor to live or die a privilege: Servicing Your Majesty. Someone all would come to love after searching you to know.