Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blue World ... Hope; Not Despair

Blue World ... Hope; Not Despair

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

A balloon slips through
fingers; then bright eyes
do cry
risen high
to glorious skies.

Twilight's dusk
brings brief sadness too
as aged lids close
and hearts stop beating
due to an inheritance
of free-will abused.

Leaves recycle
from limb to wind;
settle on soil to dry
rewind to dust
again and again

spanning generations
seeing forming stars
and descending moons.

I lie beneath one full one
passing this world into
a tomorrow
I knew
would end

none too soon

as my ears caught
a delightful tune.

Did you hear
the nightingale's
notes breaking 
night's despondent

by waking those sleeping
in death's various lairs--

old and new
far and near

watery or desert
to mention a few?

Her song's of rebirths,
reunited loved ones
once old
now young

not purchased
and IV's not hung?

We now read of famous ones
or not

Suicides reversed,
faces no longer forlorn;


Mothers to daughters;
fathers to sons; then banquets and parties;
weddings to come under
endless and everlasting
glorious suns?

Imagine the headlines:

To Life Again!

Loved ones and parents
children and friends

to begin

Again on an Earth


of rivers red
and black and blues
from abusive ones
finally removed.

no need to wistfully reply to:

"When the blue world was only endless sky,
and all our tiny hearts were wings."

For one and all will unitedly sing
in happiness
under earth's

Righteous New
Eternal King!