Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ten Thousand Moons

Ten Thousand Moons

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

"At times
I dance a waltz


This quote,
of course,

you don't know,

depicts what happens
in just my mind.

My words confused
the image of me;

to not explain

who'd disagree?
Unless someone pauses
to question thee--


A poem is subject to given mood.

If I glide on with another
does not mean
I'll not return

to jitter-bug with my brother.

(You know I'd excuse myself, 
since I'd not want to be considered


Well, maybe you don't know.)

I digress...

Yet, sometimes I want to sit
and ponder beyond my window
of nations yonder.

Or ruminate about the future.

I read to illuminate
a darkened room

to dispel the demons
who rule in gloom.

And if the words I do consume
then regurgitate upon a spoon

feed famished minds to crawl then walk
then run the race


Do not balk.

For my poem
is a poem

worthy of
Ten Thousand Moons.