Friday, December 25, 2015

So It Goes ... Sometimes (Part C)

For the complete story please read Part A and B in the author's notes:

So It Goes Sometimes ... (Part C)

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

The tender eyes
of my heart
always saw
her beauteous

I also witnessed
her fiery ire

like a forceful raging ocean

or a rapidly growing
fearsome dragon
clutching me to her bosom.

Protection, plus
this motherly rush to punish
offending lustful men
inspired by beauty
to ravish in sin.

They pranced like moths
on moonlit plains
draw to her flame
as she danced
them insane.

To tents they would wander
while hay found me
feigning sleep,
but lids slightly slit
allowed me
to curiously peep.

What power laid
in her laugh and her grin?

Would I too cause pleasure
like feathers on wind?

The answers I pondered 
from deep down within
the crate where she placed me
for a new life to begin.

The animals entered
docile and meek.
Peace existed
as work they'd complete
storing foodstuffs
to save or to eat

for just how long?
I started to weep.

The smell of sawdust
tickled my nose.
But I maintained silence,
my body staid


although through vigilance
I contrived to find
a surefire plan to escape
my locked prison box.

This I kept
happily in mind.

Eventually freed
a path lead me
stealthily back
to one who I cherished
and greatly admired.

At such a young age
I'd began to aspire
and learned quickly
how to conspire.

For I'd come to love
and totally adore
the ways
of those 
mom proclaimed

God absolutely

Yet, still I longed
to continue to do

what skills daddy
taught me
like mommy
did to him