Tuesday, December 8, 2015

One Night

One Night
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

One night
in happenstance
I stumbled upon
the key
and found the lock

by chance.

Such beauty.
Ornate. Exquisite.

Profound--the entails.

Produced in me
joy in abounds.

The treasure stored
inside the trunk
to many, I suppose,
considered as junk.
Yet I donned these
tattered ruined threads
and felt regal;

Not my usual
tired self


I stood before a wavy mirror
in awe;

Could that lovely vision be me?

I pranced and curtsied
then danced. Inside my head
a waltz enhanced
this beautiful dream
of me--a queen.

In envy
bees dripping honey
as I caught the fancy
of the eye of

My King

downstairs now
with a beer
on his throne.

My darling
asleep. And me


So a goal
from this night forward:
keep this image

to heart and clear
in mind.

For self-worth
is a true beauty.
More valued in
than out--

This Gem

some times
hard to find.