Monday, December 21, 2015

What Would You Have Done? ... Part A; Katie ... Part B

What Would You Have Done? ... Part A

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

Constant pounding and proclaiming.
Lord Almighty! His words so draining.
There's a party everywhere. 
Why such dire words said to scare?

Can one man proceed so strong

amidst this mighty vicious throng?
Does his family even care
their reputations thus to spare?

Surely, who is he to see

a future dark through prophecy?
Look around you, who does shutter
at these thoughts you choose to mutter?

If I enter that wooden door

just to take a little peek
all my friends and even strangers
will consider me as weak.

But as I watch him carry onward

in intensity he does perform
an enormous occupation
as if for this case he were born.

Could his work, his proclamation

really fill our needs, this void?
Rid the land of degradation?
Can destruction I too avoid?

If I wait closely in shadows

listening for the final horn...

No, I'd much rather chance a deluge

than face their ridicule and scorn.

Katie ... Part B
by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

In a cedar box
punched with holes


as cargo
for survivors
a beautiful
blue-eyed little girl.

On an ink-stained
papyrus letter
stated why she was
in fact

packed as food stuffs
for the hopeful
instead of travelin
on her mom's back.

"Dear Noah,
I was hoping
that you'll save my little child.

I've been haggling over this decision
for a mighty little while.

You see,

my family thinks
you're foolish.

A lunatic preaching doom
bout 70 yrs.

But I see that you are faithful,
though I'm fearful of my peers.

I have dated mighty men
and have mothered
many sons.

But my daughter
needs protection
from this violence

Please, provide
for my dear angel.
Give her love,
your full support.

Harbor please
no animosity,
for these plans
I cannot abort.

For courage
is a virtue
that my dear one
needs to seed.

You're a sterling example
for our future prodeny.

Despite this cruel environment
you are righteous in your deeds.

So again, please, dear Noah,
treat her as your family."

Yes, this lovely little letter
composed, as if a poem,
attached to a cage encasing
a beautiful sleeping form.

No longer on a collar
of a dress from birth reformed;
but gently tied to home of leopard;

as dear Katie sought out her mother
and the place where she was born.

Contest rules:

noah built a boat. it supposedly saved the human race.
write me the one poem that you would load aboard that ark in a cedar box, stowed deep, to be read by the ones who come later......
your singular song that you would like to live forever.
you will be fish poop.
everyone you know will
be clam spittle.
but this one poem will survive.
be warned, ye scribers and scribbling ninnies of grand renown and report: i am a catagorical jackknob. and will comment under that presumption. (please, no sucky) ... Part A
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