Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Dream World

My Dream World

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

My Dream World capitalizes on everyone's unique capabilites; empowering them to stand before kings.

Be these talents: artistic, scientific, futuristic, or simply domestic. Each bell rung for the gifts they bring under an all-embracing Son.

War to no longer litter our shores
with scores of washed-up bodies
of victims--soldiers and civilians galore, fighting for reasons unethical; unpure.
Since, no one's rights would sadly end
just because another's selfishly began.

Given: each person a bit of fertile land
to cultivate for happy families grand
or small. The grounds justly apportioned to accommodate all.

Imagine John Lennon's words about brotherhood; add: Death to greed.
Eliminate hatred for love to seed
like dandelions on a calming breeze. Then locks will find themselves freed. Non-necessary and without keys.

Imagine too an end to disease. For now will be the hour to bury the grave. Mankind thus raised from mourning and pain. Siblings and parents reunited. Their voices to praise the Creator, re-Creator for eternal days.

On an Earth restored.

This is My Dream World.
What about yours?