Friday, December 18, 2015

Ever Wondered: What Does He Think?

Ever Wondered: What Does He Think?

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

McClintock and Strong stated
the truth: the date is all wrong.
They provided proof.

I watch them all
from my place in heaven
saying they love my Son
I'd provided; I'd given.

And yes,

Sincere hearts
I do observe.

But, commercialism
is also a grate
in my nerves.

Though, faithfulness
I do love
many are content
my desires to shove
aside. As if of no value.

Giving my worship
to enemies
in my name.

Thinking Christ,
my now reigning Son,
is not shamed
by pagans burying

My Light

in their vain attempt
to extinguish

My Flame.

But I will for now
allow them this privilege 
of free-will

while searching
my values

to instill.

One day soon
will no longer knock.

The way to earthly
and heavenly
will then be blocked.

My once heavenly sons,
Satan and his crew
will then be jailed;

but his faithful followers
who persist in shutting their eyes
and believing
I am responsible
for ruining their lives--

propaganda from this one's
convincing lies

will cease to exist.
The numbers great.

In comparison
the faithful--


This is not my desire,
yet the choice is theirs.

On this I insist.

My Perfect
Love, Wisdom,
Power and Justice


That I Do.

Just remember:
I gave my Best:

My Only-begotten

because I want
you to know just
how much

Really Love You.

Your Heavenly Father

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