Thursday, December 24, 2015

Organized religion...The Right Way?

Organized religion...The Right Way?

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

"He who is near the church is often far from God," a French proverb says.

Sliding down a solemn pew
this route once cherished;
now vacant with few who value
tradition and rites.

Democracy bettered our plights.
Why should pious ones chain us again?
Use hell to terror the weakened skin?

Are these the questions we battle within?

Maybe the Bible's wisdom is good;
but isn't it tampered by hands
and camouflaged by hoods?

Is this not the way
many have understood?

How about Jesus
rejected by men?
Does our salvation
really on him depend?

Is religion really the righteous way?
What is wrong with the way that I pray?
Especially when I notice hypocrisy's sway,

leading the masses to shut eyes and ears.
To lock down their hearts
and wall up in fear.

Who can one trust in this darkening gloom?
Should I roam on my own,
or with others commune?

Does a God notice
the wickedness today?
Or does he care
as our lives
fade as fumes
on a blustery wind--

swiftly, then invisibly
blown away?

Am I at fault
for feelings that fray
like singed threads:

scorched and burnt
with dwindling faith?

No...Satan has ministers
designed to confuse.

Also, his Father
he has slandered
and his Word
the Bible

If for real answers
you really will choose

then examine it
for yourself,
you must

as for refreshing
might you do.

As a experienced

it'll direct you

to which religion
or road
is the right one
to peruse.

For wouldn't you agree:

An endless
perfect life

on a cleansed earth

is an expensive gift
to unwittingly lose?