Thursday, April 7, 2016



by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

In darkness I rise
In darkness I weep
In darkness daily
I walk; I sleep.

Solely in sadness
my constant fare.

No family to tend.
No heart to share.

This song of the orphan
Is heard in the heavens
by a Father that in sincerity

Totally Cares.

Though your road be rocky
Though you travel alone
Though in the distance
you envision no home

On the horizon ascending like dawn
A brilliant future. Though, even today

You do belong.

Many in dire circumstances too

Raise their eyes heavenly
to a Creator called
"the God of Comfort"
Who knows every step taken
and every tear wept.

As King David said,
in skin bottles kept.

Though our weights be heavy
In these paths we thread
through darkened alleys
demon-felt led
violently fed

And from real dangers we fearfully fled

We still can fill our hearts
with flavorful 'truths'
instead of just fantasies
adored by everyday youths.

The road, though tough
will lead to a time
of united families.


Those in God's mind
to cherish offsprings,
brothers and sisters,

through whom you became

An individual.

Never, rue the day of your birth.
The moment you entered
this wonderful,
though tragic-filled earth.


Only in that second you marvelously became, a child of a Spirit parent.


Always depend and call upon
this Glorious name.