Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Please Dry Our Tears

Please Dry Our Tears

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

and vengeful
hearts and minds.
Reigning terror
curving spines,

in an attempt to bring changes,
through methods sad and mentally deranged,

if random acts of anger are considered necessary arrangements.

To bring in love and harmony maiming strangers?

What place is safe from tragedy?
What will it take to set us free from darkness growing steadily?

Is one nation right for sure?
Should power force only the poor?

Who has the answer to these questions?
Where do we run for safe protection?

Is this the hour that we feared?
Is nuclear war ascending near?

Does God Almighty hear our prayers?
Is He One who really cares?

Should we be strapping on guns to use?
Will violence be the course to choose?

Is this the hour that we feared?
To hatred's rule should we adhere?

Who will silence every cry?
When will we say our last good-byes?

The sound of silence we want to hear!

Shield us from the eyes that leer,

instilling reasons to run then veer
as hunted down
endearing deers, not needed game
just claimed to peer
from mounting walls

Please dry our tears!