Friday, March 18, 2016

Cracked Alabaster To Prepare Her Master

Cracked Alabaster To Prepare Her Master

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

An aromatic scent
costly and refined
perfumed the intrigued or comfortable presence
of Simon the Leper's guests dining
with their Master Divine.

His hair then feet oiled
massaged in love
with gratitude sublime
boiled a controversial stew
of unthankfulness and greed
poisoned by the betrayal of one who
further righteousness declined.

“Why was this perfumed oil not sold
for 300 denarii and given to the poor?”

As if in sincere motive: A desire for giving more.

Yet, he consorted with religious leaders; thus Judas's thought:
to repay the score.

Thirty silver shekels
eventually tossed
in return
into the enemies door;

as Jesus and Lazarus's life
designed for Death
would eliminate a Holiness
they'd long ago
began to abhor.

“A pound of perfumed oil, genuine nard,” being the equivalent of about a year’s wage
bathed the Christ in lovely preparation for his burial

soon to be engaged.

A Lamb He portrayed
Like the Passover's

though now in substitution:
His Highly Valued
Perfect Life.

A Ransom for the Many
who cherished His Father
and Eternity. 

Praying for Salvation.
An End to enmity and strife.

Yes, like Mary they show appreciation.
Her generous actions praised
in voice decidedly clear:

“Why do you try to make trouble for the woman? She did a fine deed toward me."

His words spoken for the World to Hear.

Can we imitate her thankful spirit
Jesus's Gift--Do Celebrate?

For this is the Due Season:
March 23rd to Internationally participate.