Monday, March 7, 2016

True Jubilee!!! True Jubilee!!!

True Jubilee!!! True Jubilee!!!

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

Men and women of every nation,
All the children--some Christian Be,
Of every tongue, in every station,
Even 'They' appointed "See,"

Intellectual, uneducated,
Third-world person, those wealthy,
The atheist or the agnostic,
Sun-worshippers on slanted knees,

Those bound to idols, who chant to spirits--

All experience
"No Liberty!"

We cry, then mourn in sorrow,
Feel utmost pain and agony,
Constant angst and sudden anger.
Sometimes, passive in slavery.

"O! How to right the wrong done?"
Help calm the stormy sea
Aggravated by darkening skies,
Turbulent, since none are free?

Since birth may bring celebration,
Life--joy, but, more misery,
Can we really talk salvation--
True Jubilee; True Jubilee?

We're all enslaved to This Thing
Threading us down in Tyranny--
Master DEATH--Puppeteer of Our Lives.
How Jubilee? What Jubilee?

Well, RAISE your Minds and Hearts to Heaven,
Though in captivity--we must agree!
To imperfection, sin; then Death,
Through one man's iniquity.

Our Lives extracted as to payment
To Death--OUR ENEMY.

Still, "Let us be Joyful and Rejoice"

In "True Jubilee!!! True Jubilee!!!"

For HE will "Swallow up Death FOREVER,"
This promised in certainty--
From ONE Who Can Not Lie or even DIE--
Who Gave His Son in behalf of Thee,

"His soul a ransom in exchange for Many,"
A Gift of inestimable quality

To active Faithful--
Any and All


He tasted "Death for Every man,"
From your "Sea to Shining Sea."

"Death will be brought

True Jubilee!!! True Jubilee!!!

"Let Us be Joyful and Rejoice!"
Wipe the tears
Of our impurities,

For NOW is the Time For Salvation!!!

True Jubilee!!! True Jubilee!!!