Saturday, April 30, 2016

Days To Come!

Days To Come!
by Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)
Heard the roar
of rushing waters
rising centuries
to distant clouds.

Heard the screams;
the mothers retching
doubled over in piercing bows.

Ripped apart the hearts of many.
Grief in tragic overload.

Since: Toted carts of parts
of any
in caverns dark
their bodies blown,

after blood bought
then sold cheaply.
No one able
to them discern.

Or, the march over distorted bodies
mounting high on hills to burn.
Lacking urns to comfort gently
and send forth to all concerned.

This history recently increasing
veils mankind
no longer proud
of multitudes of peoples ending
enclosed in hateful
dreaded shrouds.

As they wailed or wept in sadness
from the Heavens
heard the groans.

Father and Son both bathed in goodness
in sympathy
they too sadly yearned
for the day
to end this madness.
For muddy waters to cease their churn.

Kept in memory, heart and mind
each and every precious person
to reestablish to humankind.
Each and every to be resurrected
in their turn and in His time.

Talents special He remembers.
Songs they sung from memory.
The day of birth their family members
gathered around in heartfelt glee.

divorces and tragedies.

These make up the composition
of ones confined at different levels;
decomposed in various degrees.

Yet, Almighty knows their makeup;
DNA specifically.

So imagine with eyes of reason
exhibiting strong solid Faith

this loyal love and integrity
of One Powerful
and so delighted
to finally as He foretold


righteous and unrighteous souls reunited:
His cherished recreated progeny.

Picture parades in circles, cycles
daily, weekly, under rotating suns.
Just the sounds of mirth and laughter
when a loved one does return
enthusiastically and totally welcome.
Minds accepting dear 'Truths' they'll learn.

These preparations all made in wisdom
for these ones
soon earth to come.

He Will Call
and They
Will Answer.

Oh! What Happiness
for Everyone!