Friday, April 15, 2016

"It's Arms Towards Perfection"

"It's Arms Towards Perfection"

by Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)
Across the world
past the Indian Ocean

exists a growing disillusioned
sea of humanity

more than a billion
also birthed
in our conjoined

abject misery.

Where once wistful words pinned
soared multitude's bright enlightened eyes
towards distant, still visible cloudless horizons or tranquil high skies

though others dived


who hide deep inside their murky hearts
through sad economical or racial pride.


men and women
both near and far;

black, white of hand?

Will social status continue to dominate our lands?

Or will a strong leader take a stand?

Relieve mankind of hatred ran
through depth and breathe
of even whirling blinding stinging desert sands?

Exists One who loves All?

Who knows our desires?
Who wishes to inspire

to attain that place

"where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

where knowledge is free...

where words come out from the depth of truth"?

Will this exist?... Do we have proof?

Good leadership foretold to come
thousands of seasons rolled forth from the past. A wonderous proclamation thundering
from a minuscule hum.

Traversing valleys diverse and divided, a growing nation bridged by a happy and collective some of the most humbled.

Those who adversity overcome
through support and guidance.

The Time has arrived
for Peace... At Last!

The Messiah.
The Christ.

A King
by a Creator



A Lover

of each and every
Obedient One.

As we endure the scorch of blazing suns;

as we pray "God's will be done

on Earth
as it is

in Heaven"

and as we stay fixed on this Son,
who gave his life so that our race
might be successful and


Won. Here,

The Light is getting brighter.
The Way's become clearer.
The Paradise Earth

is so very near

and the Resurrection
of those we loved dear

In glorious rebirth!

Rabindranath Tagore,

you may see your words:
"tireless striving stretches it's arms towards perfection"

Will no longer require a longing
or a deep reflection.

For Mankind will soon
the Christ's
and Righteous