Thursday, February 4, 2016

“Love’s Flames Are A Blazing Fire, The Flame of Jah.”

“Love’s Flames Are A Blazing Fire,
The Flame of Jah.”

by Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)

"Look! You are beautiful,
my beloved.

Look! You are beautiful.

Your eyes are those of doves.”

Do not these lips speak of love?

Yet, the King's lair
is filled of soft tresses
of golden, black, brown, red
aging or youthful strands
of cultures fair.


Is it of love in which he speaks
when he knows not of me?

Still he seeks
to have; to hold
as if my love is bought
then sold.

May I be so bold
as to say
my shepherd boy,
for whom I pray

with him my heart
expands and pounds
with each his step
on pastured grounds.

I am his
for now and always.

Please do not make me utter words,
Your Kingship,
though your gold can build a castle strong.

If I lie to you of feelings deep,
my soul will drip
in sorrow drown.

Tis not love I feel for you,
nor you for me.

You know not how my spirit sleeps
upon the breast of my dear one true.

You know not why his kiss I dream
laying silent near silvery streams.

My shepherd boy, I've come to know
through trails and paths as I did grow
a sun-kissed tan upon my skin.

My brothers warning:
"Do be a wall,"
protected us from lustful falls
beneath the vineyards lovely limbs.

Tis not of love you wish for me;
for if so it is
or ever was

Please set me free.


Eyes of Doves,"

For my Shepherd Boy
lives to hold my heart
as His treasured key.