Friday, August 14, 2015



by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

I reach for the switch
to vanquish my night.

Thought your love constant
would conquer this fright.

Instead the dread
continues to build

since lovers to enemies
melt golden shields

the value of which
no longer protects.

Every entry a shadow
to watch and suspect.

Oh...who can raise hope
in this doubtful soul

when peace has vanished
and violence grows bold?

Oh...who can still
these terrors within

when life has redefined
the definition of "friend?"

As I unfurl
my body today

from sheets too short
and shakes that fray

I wilt to my knees
and fervently pray...

Dear God...if you exist
and care as you say

Take away this desire
to end my life...

Help me be
and to then




Micah 7