Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good ... without religion or Without religion ... no good.

Good ... without religion or Without religion ... no good.

by Seah Greenhorn
(Poem with copyright)

Through rites by priest or
guidance by a preacher
the clergy or teacher

In centuries past


Skipped, dragged, stumbled to church

To warrant God's favor

although just before

found again

passed out
laying it out or stoned
under bleechers.

Well aware of hypocrisy
It's role of religion in war

Not Theocracy

Still overall religion was good.

Mystic,  tradition, music, damnation
kept it all

As it should?

Evolution conveniently appeared
suddenly enlightened we became.

Convinced many
God did not exist.

No reason to fear.

Just do as you please!

Drown the Bible in beers.

Poof! Disappear!
We don't want you to hear!

Technology is our god, our Man.
Robots our future on which to stand.

We see the grief of humanity. 
Surely scientists will set us free

From disease, famine and death.
Surely you must agree!

Clergy saw it had its part
in disassembling
the Love of God
in a majority of hearts.

So suddenly it's perfectly clear:

We must change our message!
To get them back here.

Tell them everything they do is okay,
Just fall down on your knees

And don't forget to pray.

We are all accepted,

"You must believe."

That statement's true.

But this flexibility in teaching doctrines
more than a few.

If churches doubt the Power of God to make the laws

We may as well stay home with the kids.
Rewatch series of the real danger of "Jaws".

I'm a good person, though not always a 'saint'.

Church just keeps me from my house
that needs a coat of paint.

Yes, religion has been used for evil ends.
This prophecied long ago:

That men would pretend
To love the flock and shepherd God's sheep;

Though as wolves they devoured
Speaking "twisted things"
Caused the fearful to cower.

God's commandments they refused to keep.

Now Jesus taught his disciples to reason with men.

However, some changed his meaning to:
"Compel them to come in."

Use force if necessary to convert the pagans,
the common stock and of course the heathens.

Who really is behind this abuse?

Satan, once child of God continues the ruse.
Using religion to transform the mind

Many don't know if he exists too.

Yet, this is no problem. With him it's "Just Fine."

Since ... his endeavor?

Keep Mankind Blind.

This deceit is nothing new.
He used power to try to tempt Jesus too.

He's a liar, a murderer, a puppeteer,  a snake.

Keeps humans


"A Mistake."

The Creator says:
"They have not listened to my words
and have rejected my law.
What do I care about incense from Sheba? ...

Your sacrifices do not please me."
Their rebellion he saw.

God turns his head from hypocrisy.
Their festivals he Hated.

Truth is His concern. His mandates clearly stated.

Paying attention and listening
to those fearing His Holy name

And meditating upon
and speaking each to his companion.

He says:
"They will be mine."

Showing ownership to claim.

Is that not a religion? 

So there is a choice we have,
since there are Two Roads
Between which to chose.

Eternal life or eternal death.
Choose life so you won't lose.

Because everlasting happiness
is at stake. . . Religion a Blessing or a Curse?

It's how you choose.

For that's a decision
Only You Can Make.