Monday, August 31, 2015

A 'Zoo' Is Not a 'Circus'

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A 'Zoo' Is Not a 'Circus'

A 'Zoo' Is Not a 'Circus'

By Seah Greenhorn
(poem with copyright)

A tragedy skillfully eluded; though casualities
not wholly spared,

when under the Supreme guidance
of the Founder

diverse creatures

(wild, domestic,
some tragically extinct)

He lovingly redirected, recaged,
and nutritionally fed.

He honestly cared.


An organization
He originally developed;

an audience
simply to impress:


and feats of nature,
especially children,
appreciatively observed, through

internationally addressed.

for the edification of All.)

A marvelous system.
A wonderful exchange.

Some audience and animal interaction.
Abundant knowledge to gain.

This atmosphere of 

He blessed.

But a 'Zoo' is
Not a 'Circus,'

though animals in common exist.
And peace between men and mammals

Must harmoniously persist.

For a 'Ring Master'

as he cracks his leather whip.

The world to seduce--an ocean.
His arrogance steers his ship.

To entertain--Now that's his profession!
Total amusement
ostensibly his desire.

For exclamations solely.
His ideas provocatively inspired.

But a 'Ring Master'
the Founder
did not need.

A 'Ring Master'
He did not hire.


The bars of security and protection
distracted guardians

hazardly forgot.

Foolishy kept raised.

Lives of humans and animals
as caretakers
humorously played.

giggles, laughs, claps and praise
once contained lions
the 'Ring Master' unwisely let prowl,

while around the grounds
snakes stealthy slithered;

unauthorized; thus unpaid.

Restraints necessary
indifferently mislaid.

Tiny chipmunks and other critters
immediately disappeared

as sidelined monkeys
paced and squealed

when crocodiles

unattended, re- or misdirected,
sadly unprotected baby seals.

Yet ... averted? ... Total chaos!
with principles old and new now applied.
The 'Ring Masters?' ... Wicked history.
Their crew forcibly fired.

Bars lowered painstakingly raised;

re-focus, gently, yet firmly renewed.

The zoo's brief ambivelent spirit
to no longer embue.

For a 'Zoo'
Is Not;

Should not ever 'be'

And a 'Circus'

Cannot Be

a 'Zoo!'