Thursday, June 16, 2016

What Have I Done

What Have I Done

by Seah Greenhorn
( Poem with copyright ) 

My lids gently flutter to rest
as breath
my last
slips from my breast.

Where is the peace sweet sleep promised me?

As I lay my dreams repeat
life's agony replete with love lost

searched for.
Not found.

In arms of another.

My heart seeps its tragedy upon the soil.
A love profound I somehow spoiled.

What words like spears assaulted you?
What actions like arrows pierced you through?

Please rush to me and speak the truth.
For your spurn has murdered me.


As I lie beneath the trees
a peek of sun has arisen over its tender leaves.

The birds proclaim a happy sing
of new hopes risen
and couplings

in which happiness springs.

They fly amidst the tranquil blues.
I wither in knowledge of my woes that I permitted
to lose my soul.

What have I done?