Sunday, September 25, 2016



by Seah Greenhorn
poem with copyright


existed not in their lives
except in night's rhythmic tranquil form.

Stars gently guided lids to slowly dip
till each new day's rebirth enlightened hungry eyes
raised to receding shadowy un-hafted horizons undefined.

A spoken spite did ignite bites to bitterness conceive
in hidden caverns breeding death through cancerous disease-
a spreading blight to kill first slowly though thoroughly eternal delights.

Heavenly dreads then groans when words of envy deceived an innocent one
thrusting aside loyalty, trust, respect, even love for dripping lust; thieving greed.
Universally astonished screams, possibly, as another's traitorous chews ensued.

Begetting an atmosphere of gloom plus doom consuming the universe,
as an once angelic son reborn demon seemingly dishonorably won
hearts, minds in treachery's deceit.  Was righteousness defeated?

Succeeding for centuries: surging bloody waterfalls drenching
all, especially the sad, blind, seemingly spineless souls
sacrificed endlessly in satanic revelries boldly cold.

Diminished: morals, ignorantly destroyed; void?
A majority's desire for an endless joyful life

by following a beckoning Light into which
this darkness cannot resist. Though,

this world tragically prefers
a dense darkness