Friday, July 15, 2016

"Who Is Weak, and Am I Not Weak?"

"Who Is Weak, and Am I Not Weak?"

by Seah Greenhorn 
( Poem with copyright ) 

Imagine a world
where hearts we display.

With whom would we associate?
Into whose hands
would our friendships

then lay?

Would social or economic privileges

still shine forth
as if

Or should our insides
we thus refine

before uniting races and nations?

Is not redefining ourselves
what makes a person fine?

“Who is weak, and I am not weak?”

A man eloquent we do quote
as Paul asked this of himself
to seek.

Elijah too "asked
that he might die."

“It is enough!"
Jah heard him cry.

These men are great in our esteem.

Yet, circumstances dropped their spirits
to an unseemly extreme.

If they life
put to the test
should we expect

any less?

We've heard too of the 'widow's might.'

Who would her course
in delight?

Would not we consider
her daily plight?

Or would we walk by
in oversight?

Think of pain

rocketing shockwaves to the brain
as a tiny toe throbs and a whole body strains
to minimize the anguish

as tears hold reign.

Would we not profess:

"This little member
under duress

affects the total."

Yes, this we must confess:

"Each part of our body
at times

deserves a coddle."

Likewise, in society,
to the down-trodden
we must give heed.

Hear their words;
to others do plead

for them
and daily needs.

For what drops them to shaken knees,
affects us too. To thus roll forward
or further proceed

We must wheelbarrow them
then raise them up.

In this each and all can take the lead.


"‘There is more happiness
in giving

than there is
in receiving.’”

Only then

Would a World