Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dare I Believe?

Dare I Believe

by Seah Greenhorn
(Pom with copyright)

Dare I believe
too pretty to conceive?


Of blue seas, an ocean deep, majestic mountains
so steep.

The air escapes me
as I even aspire to climb them.

I am not prepared
to consume them--
words tranquil.


Should I breathe each breath of them?
Like inhaling poisoned air?

Will I expire?

Or will I allow my thoughts to drift heavenwards?
My heart filled wonderously with promises of a glorious future; secure?

Is this pure fantasy: An earth renewed? My family rebirthed? Fresh health for an eternity as drinking from a stream sparkling, happiness imbued?

Surely not!

Reality stings just like the snake that bites and slithers away to leave one dying, yet desiring life.

Reality wields a sword in every land; depletes water sources. Creates deserts. Dries out bones.

Refreshing liquid before my eyes?

A mirage, of course. A vision to despise.
Pretty words... to relieve my soul of darkness daily consumed? Of mourning? Of sadness?

Reality says:
Hold on to tragedy.
Embrace it as a lover, cruel; not to flee as the shadow at dawn after misuse and abuse.

You lie cold.


smoking in the corner.
Watching. Always watching. To ensure that energy will not return to lift you to carry on.

But your ears perk
to birds
singing prettily.

Muffled, however sweet, just beyond.

Dare I
reach out to lift a window
a little to listen;

to peep?

Shall I
crack open the door
to clearly hear;
to watch them feed,
then fly or soar?

Dare I


Or will I let reality blind/bind me till death does ensure?

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